Why choose Get Fit Wellington

95% of people who start exercise programs quit within 6 weeks. The reason for the huge dropout rate is due to LACK OF RESULTS. Most often, lack or results is due to lack of knowledge, experience and education about nutrition and exercise.

Get Fit Wellington IS knowledge, experience and education. At Get Fit, we pride ourselves on results. Get Fit Wellington offers One on One Personal Training, Small Group Training, Nutritional Programs, Boot Camp, Group Fitness Classes like Spinning, PiYo, Zumba, Kickboxing, Silver Sneakers, as well as a kids programs like Hip Hop Kidz and KidsFit. In addition, this hybrid gym has a 5,000 sq. ft. CrossFit Box (CrossFit Wellington).

We are currently under construction and in October we will be offering Spin, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Hip Hop Dance and other group fitness classes.

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Chris Adair (Co-Owner)

Christopher V Adair – (Co-Owner)
Chris brings over 22 years of fitness experience to the company as a personal trainer, manager, personal training business owner and former gym owner.
Chris began personal training full time in 1996 for Bally Total Fitness. During his employment with the company, Chris was the #1 Trainer in the country 16 out of 19 months, and was the 1997 Bally Total Fitness National Trainer of the Year. After which, Chris started his own company Body Design who outsourced personal trainers to four South Florida health clubs. The following year, the number of clubs increased to nine, with over 75 trainers. Body Design had sales of over $1m and $1.5m, during the first two years. After selling the company, Chris started Results Fitness Studios with a partner in 2003.
Chris’s combined experience includes working with individual clients, inside and outside sales, management, marketing & advertising, networking, social media, employee training and CEO functions.
As a personal trainer, Chris is considered top in his field. He is certified by the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.), International Sports Sciences Association (I.S.S.A), & The Fitness Institute International in both Exercise Science and also as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

Get Fit Wellington
Chris Adair (Co-Owner)
Cheryl Love (Co-Owner)

Cheryl Love- (Co-Owner) Cheryl brings 30 years of manufacturing knowledge as Vice-President of Human Resources. ACEMCO is a manufacturer of metal stampings and welded assemblies.
ACEMCO’s growth during this period was 11M with 40 employees to 70M with up to 300 employees. Background includes developing and implementing all policies and procedures relating to Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Payroll, Insurance, Employee Benefits, etc. Safety and Ergonomics was developed to not only supply a safe and ergonomic work environment for the employees but to maintain MIOSHA compliance to the highest standards. During the course of employment I team worked with an ergonomist to develop proper workstations to decrease injuries which included an exercise program to reduce competitive injury claims.
At 56, fitness has been a passion of Cheryl’s since her early 20’s. She organized fitness activities to develop healthy employees along with one of the benefits being a gym membership. Studying fitness has been a hobby since my early 20’s as a relaxation method from Human Resources details. Proactive to health has always been my motto and this was passed on to employees.
Cheryl is certified with International Sports Sciences Association (I.S.S.A) and has taken two 60 hour training courses with The Fitness Institute International in both Exercise Science and also as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

Get Fit Wellington
Cheryl Love (Co-Owner)
Get Fit WellingtonChris Adair (Co-Owner)Get Fit WellingtonCheryl Love (Co-Owner)