Buondy Milazzo, one of Get Fit’s longstanding employee, brings more than training to our gym family. As a trained group instructor, Buondy has taught kickboxing, spin, and more. Her services are not limited to one on one sessions, but also include Silver Sneakers classes, a fitness opportunity for senior citizens. Buondy is an excellent, dedicated trainer, but also thrives in the classroom setting.

Buondy Milazzo’s love for fitness started over 25 years ago. Her passion reached its peak when she moved to the United States in 2003. After having two daughters, Buondy hit 200 lbs. She struggled with being overweight, and had to learn a whole new way of life. She is no stranger to the battle of reaching a fitness goal. With hard work and strict training, Buondy dropped the unhealthy weight and then some. Today, she is healthy and helping others to fight that same fight.

In addition to personal training, Buondy has six years of experience teaching. Her focuses are spin class and kickboxing. Buondy has taught not only here in West Palm Beach but also in Miami. During Buondy’s time in Miami, she competed in fitness figure competitions along with her instructing and personal training.

Despite her work in the big city of Miami and even the glam of competing, Buondy has never experienced anything like Get Fit Wellington. This gym, through all seven years Buondy has been here, has given her the opportunity to work with kids, adults, and seniors. It has let her see in each of her clients something special; the desire to live a healthier lifestyle, but also to a desire reach personal fitness goals. This job has let her share her faith and love for the Word of God, and witnessing that power is the biggest treasure of all.

Buondy is very glad and thankful to be a part of the GFW family.