Daniel Saldarriaga (Personal Trainer)

Daniel Saldarriaga has been a personal trainer for the past six years.

He has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University.

Daniel has always had a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Playing sports from a young age he developed a love for working out and staying active. Over the years his direction turned from playing sports and working out to helping others achieve fitness goals, and overall health.

Daniel specializes in athletic training, functional movement, sport-specific training, strength training, nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain, and rehabilitation. Aside from personal training he is working as a Corrective Exercise Specialist at a Chiropractic office in Wellington, Florida.

His end goal is to become a Physical Therapist that specializes in return to sport rehab with high level athletes. He is adamant in his belief that the human body is capable of extraordinary things and believes that you should never stop learning new philosophies and keep an open mind. Daniel enjoys working out frequently and putting his various training methods to the test through trial and error. One of his training philosophies includes determining whether or not the exercise or movement is appropriate for the individual performing it. Many things must come into play when designing the sum of exercises for each athlete/individual, everyone is different in their goals and abilities, and that must be taken into consideration when creating proper programming.

Daniel offers something unique to the Get Fit family with his knowledge of sport medicine and exercise science. He has the ability to train with athletes to meet specific weight requirements or fitness needs.